2023 Amsterdam, the Netherlands water treatment exhibition site

Our company participated in the International Water Treatment Exhibition from November 6 to November 9, 2023 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Our main products are UV sterilization lamps, electronic ballasts, UV sterilizers, quartz glass casing and other series of products, which are widely used in the field of water treatment purification and sterilization. Our factory has passed SGS certification and our products have passed UL, CE, FCC, UKCA, ROHS, EPA, EPR certification. Our company is the drafting unit of China's national standard for UV germicidal lamps, and also the drafting unit of China's national standard for UV germicidal lamps for schools. Liu Yingquan, our general manager, has 18 national patents in UV germicidal lamp industry in China, and he is also the enterprise tutor of Changzhou Institute of Technology and a member of China Water Purification Industry Association.

This time to participate in the Netherlands Amsterdam International Water Treatment Exhibition, a lot of overseas new and old customers come to consult to understand the ultraviolet sterilization series products, the following is the exhibition site part of the photographs.

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At the exhibition, our UV germicidal lamps, electronic ballasts, UV sterilizers and quartz glass casing were well received by overseas new and old customers. The majority of new and old customers and our staff warmly discuss the products, leave each other contact information; some customers even seriously and carefully do the manual record; some of them are our cooperation for many years of old customers, many years have not seen, this time in the exhibition again meet, happy to take a group photo to commemorate. Over the past ten years, our company has not only provided high-quality UV sterilizing and disinfecting series products for our customers, but also provided a series of related services and consulting for overseas customers' export services, providing one-stop purchasing experience. Lightbest - a brand worthy of customer trust, bacteria and viruses go away, healthy life with Lightbest!

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Post time: Nov-09-2023