222nm UV sterilization table lamp

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222nm advantage

A direct approach to limit airborne viral transmissions is to inactivate them within a short time of their production. Germicidal ultraviolet light, typically at 254 nm, is effective in this context but, used directly, can be a health hazard to skin and eyes. 

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The reason for choose 222nm

By contrast far-UVC light (207 to 222 nm) has been shown to be as efficient as conventional germicidal UV light in killing microorganisms but studies to date suggest that these wavelengths do not cause the human health issues associated with direct exposure to conventional germicidal UV light. In short the reason is that far-UVC light has a range in biological materials of less than a few micrometers, and thus it cannot reach living human cells in the skin or eyes, being absorbed in the skin stratum corneum or the ocular tear layer. But because viruses (and bacteria) are extremely small, far-UVC light can still penetrate and kill them. Thus far-UVC light potentially has about the same highly effective germicidal properties of UV light, but without the associated human health risks. Several groups have thus proposed that far-UVC light (207 or 222 nm), which can be generated using inexpensive excimer lamps, is a potential safe and efficient anti-microbial technology which can be deployed in occupied public locations.

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Changzhou guangtai electronics 222nm products  OnApril 15, 2022, the establishment meeting of CUVA Far UV-C Technical Working Group was held. The first working seminar of 2022 was held online. Changzhou guangtai electronics was also invited to participate in the discussion.

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This shows that our grasp of 222nm technology is very mature in the industry. If you are interested in human-machine co-existence of UV lamp or believe in our changzhou light electronics product quality. Changzhou Guangtai is proud to recommend our TLFUV-30, which is our 222nm far-ultraviolet sterilizing lamp. The TLFUV-30 lamp can be safely used in unoccupied and inhabited Spaces without posing a health risk to humans. With timing function, 38W can cover 30㎡ room. Here is our link about this product.

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