After the “heavy snow” in the lunar calendar, you can eat “three whites” to stay healthy

December 7, 2023, the 24th day of October in the lunar calendar (lunar calendar), is the "heavy snow" in traditional Chinese solar terms. "Heavy Snow" is the 21st of the 24 solar terms in the lunar calendar and the third solar term in winter, marking the official start of the midwinter season; the sun reaches 255 degrees of ecliptic longitude.

The ancient book "Collection of the Seventy-Two Hours of the Moon Order" says: "Heavy snow falls in November, and the snow is abundant at this time." Heavy snow means that the weather is colder and the possibility of snowfall is greater than that of light snow. It does not mean that The snowfall must have been heavy.


For some people, when the temperature drops, they need to wear more clothes to keep out the cold. For some elderly people, this may be a hurdle. There is a popular saying among the people: "Winter is sad for the elderly!" This is because many elderly people, especially the elderly, cannot withstand the cold of winter. Therefore, there is often a saying among our people that "take supplements in winter and kill tigers in spring".

The editor here recommends three white foods suitable for supplementation in winter: cabbage, lotus root, and snow pear. Why should we eat more cabbage in winter? Because Chinese cabbage is rich in crude fiber, it can moisturize the intestines, promote detoxification, stimulate gastrointestinal motility, facilitate stool excretion, and aid digestion. Therefore, during the "heavy snow" period, when the air is dry and the skin feels tight, you can eat more Chinese cabbage to achieve the effect of skin care and beauty.


Why should we eat more lotus root? Because lotus root is rich in starch, protein, asparagine, vitamin C and oxidase components, eating it raw can help treat tuberculosis, hemoptysis, epistaxis and other diseases; eating it cooked can strengthen the spleen and appetizer.


As we all know, snow pear has the effects of promoting body fluids, moistening dryness, clearing away heat and reducing phlegm. Snow pear moisturizes dryness and clears wind. It has high medicinal value and is a good material for making "Snow Pear Cream"


In addition to diet, we can also make appropriate adjustments in clothing, exercise, etc. in winter. For example, if the exercise time is adjusted from early morning to after 10 a.m., when the temperature drops sharply in windy and snowy weather, outdoor exercise should be reduced and replaced with indoor exercise, and more clothing should be added appropriately, etc. In addition, winter is also the season when some infectious bacteria and viruses are prone to spread, so families always have cold medicines, antipyretics, diarrhea medicines, cough medicines, etc. Households that have the conditions can also keep sterilization and disinfection products on hand, such as ultraviolet germicidal lamps, antibacterial soap, hand sanitizer, disinfectant alcohol, etc.


Post time: Dec-13-2023