Conversion of units of UV intensity

There are a variety of different ultraviolet rays in sunlight, according to the different classification of wavelengths, ultraviolet rays can be divided into UVA, UVB, UVC three, of which can reach the earth’s surface through the ozone layer and clouds are mainly UVA and UVB band ultraviolet rays, and UVC will be blocked. We can use the characteristics of different wavelengths of ultraviolet rays in the industrial field to design and develop ultraviolet series products with different functions, in order to facilitate the calculation of ultraviolet intensity, internationally recognized as using a unified unit of measurement to measure and calculate. The units that measure ultraviolet intensity are mainly μW/cm2, mW/cm2, W/cm2 and W/m2, and different industries are applicable to different units.

First, the application of ultraviolet rays

By wavelength:

13.5nm far-UV lithography

30-200nm photochemical separation, ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy

230-365nm label barcode scanning, UV recognition

230-400nm optical sensors, a variety of test instruments

240-280nm Disinfection and purification of surfaces and water (the main wave peak for DNA absorption is 265nm)

200-400nm Forensic Testing, Drug Testing

270-360nm Opal Analysis, DNA Sequencing Analysis, Drug Detection

280-400nm cellular medicine imaging

300-320nm medical light therapy

300-365nm curing of polymers and inks

300-400nm film and television lighting

350-370nm exterminator (flying insects are most attracted at 365nm luminosity)

2. Ultraviolet intensity unit conversion formula

Due to the different wavelengths of ultraviolet rays, the effect is also different, and the products derived from this are not used. Different industries use ultraviolet products, need to control the ultraviolet intensity, some industries need ultraviolet intensity is measured in uW (read as microwatts), such as standard output ultraviolet germicidal lamps, some industries will use high-power ultraviolet germicidal lamps, need to be measured in W,μW, MW, W are international power units, and cm2, m2 are international area units, so ultraviolet intensity indicates the measured ultraviolet irradiation intensity per unit area. For example, 200mW/cm2 indicates that the UV irradiation intensity measured in a range of 1 square meter is 200mW.

Take Changzhou Guangtai LIGHTBEST brand ultraviolet germicidal lamp as an example:

Conversion of units of UV intensity1

The first model in the first row is GPHA212T5L/4P UV intensity at one meter: 42μW/cm2. Generally speaking, the greater the lamp power, the greater the ultraviolet intensity, for example, the last line model is GPHHA1790T12/4P 800W, and the ultraviolet intensity at one meter is: 1700μW/cm2.

So what is the conversion ratio between these units?

Power unit conversion: 1W = 103 mW = 106μW

Area unit conversion: 1 m2=104 cm2

UV intensity unit conversion:

1 W/m2 =103 W/cm2=104 mW/cm2=106μW/cm2

That is: 1 W/m2> 1 W/cm2> 1 mW/cm2> 1μW/cm2

Post time: Mar-15-2023