Good ways to prevent the flu in the spring

Good ways to prevent the flu in the spring

Spring is the season of high incidence of infectious diseases, enteric infectious diseases, natural focal disease and insect-borne infectious disease their transmission possibility are greatly increased. Common infectious diseases include influenza, epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis, tuberculosis, measles, chicken pox, mumps and so on. Do the following tips, you don’t need to worry about them!

Infectious disease prevention measures:

1, Use ultraviolet sterilization lamp to make a circulation sterilize in the indoor air, 99.9999% infectious and harmful bacteria can be killed. Use the high ozone generating lamps not only can kill the bacteria, but also can remove peculiar smell and musty smell, Photolysis lampblack and formaldehyde.

2, Vaccination. Artificial automatic immunization by the plan is the key point to prevent all kinds of infectious diseases. Preventive vaccine is the most positive and efficacious method to prevent infectious diseases.


3, Pay attention to personal hygiene and protection. Keep good health habits is the key point to prevent diseases. That’s very important in the place we study, work and live. We must wash hands and clothes frequently, maintain good indoor ventilation. During the season of high incidence of infectious diseases, we should less go to the public place.

4, Strengthen take exercise and strengthen immunity. In spring, the metabolism of organs, tissues and cells of the human body begins to flourish, it’s the good time to take exercise. Go outdoors and have a breath of fresh air, take a walk everyday, jogging, do gymnastics and so on. To provide fitness exercise, enhance whole body blood flow, enhance immunity and self-healing capabilities. When taking exercise, we should pay attention on the climatic variation, avoid haze, windy and dusty. We also need to arrange the amount of exercise reasonably, take care of the state of our body, to avoid negative influence of our body.

5,Live a regular life. Keep enough sleep and have regular schedule is important to improve your own natural defenses.

6, Pay attention to the details of clothing and food. In spring, the weather is changeable, suddenly warm return cold, if we reduce clothes suddenly, it’s easy to lower down human respiratory immunity and let pathogen to invade our body. We must add and reduce clothes appropriately follow the weather variations. Arrange bite and sup reasonably. Don’t eat too piquancy, otherwise will get inflamed. Eat less greasy food, drink more water, eat food which is nutritional in protein, calcium, phosphor, Iron and Vitamin A, such as lean meat, egg, red dates, honey, vegetables and fruit.

7, Must hide nothing from thy physician. Reduce contact with sick people.Diagnose and treat as soon as possible when you find physical discomfort or similar reactions, early detection, early treatment. Disinfect the room in time, we can also use vinegar fuming treatment to prevent.


Post time: Dec-14-2021