Household uvc sterilizer to Enhance happiness

Household uvc sterilizer to Enhance happiness

Think of yourself as the most important person in the world. The first person you need to take care of is yourself. ——It is very worthwhile and happy to spend time on improving the quality of life and looking for such items.
With the widespread popularity of health knowledge, more people realize that having a healthy body is the most important
As the saying goes, "Illness comes from the mouth", so everyone has a need for disinfection of the pots and pans that they usually touch the most. At this time, a disinfection cabinet is needed to ensure the disinfection of these kitchenware products, and the food they make is also Will be more hygienic.


Ultraviolet disinfection knife and chopstick holder has become the first choice of the public, after all, kitchenware disinfection is just needed by the family. This kind of product has the ability of high temperature and ultraviolet disinfection at the same time, and the design has a large space. It is a high-tech product specially disinfected for kitchen knives, chopsticks and other items. It can sterilize and dry knives, chopsticks, spoons and other tableware. , The knife and chopstick holder adopts a omni-directional UVC ultraviolet lamp sterilization device.

Knives and chopsticks can be kept clean as new no matter when they are used, which can reduce the harm of bacteria to the human body.
The ultraviolet germicidal lamps produced by Lightbest are widely used in the field of disinfection cabinets for hotels, homes, restaurants, etc. It has been certified by an international professional testing agency and can eliminate 99.9% of bacteria.


In the special period when respiratory safety is concerned, we are paying more andfor removing bacteria? Traditional filtering air purifiers filter, absorb and purify the air through a composite filter composed of a HEPA filter + a variety of structures. It is difficult to filter the small existence of bacteria and viruses, and further Disinfection device.The air purifier produced by Lightbest adopts the indoor air circulation method to introduce air into the machine.
Through the UVC ultraviolet sterilization lamp, the ultraviolet light with the main wavelength of 253.7nm can penetrate bacteria, destroy the internal DNA structure, and make the bacteria lose the ability to reproduce. Reduce indoor air pollution, improve air quality, and protect the health of the respiratory tract. The metal body is also able to protect the ultraviolet rays from leaking and avoid harm to the human body. The human and the machine can be present at the same time during operation.

Post time: Dec-14-2021