How to use uv germicidal lamps safely and effectively

How to use uv germicidal lamps safely and effectively

With the development of urban life, the concept of environmental protection has been a household name, ultraviolet germicidal lamps and its accessories are widely adapted for different kind of uses: sterilizing hospital, sterilizing school, sterilizing cinemas, sterilizing offices and factories etc. However, how to use uv germicidal lamps properly, safely and effectively is an urgent need to popularize knowledge in order to make our life better.

1. UV germicidal lamps can not illuminate human eyes and skin directly when it is working, if it is ozone generating lamp, please enter the room after turning off the lights for half an hour to one hour, and open window, inhaling ozone in an appropriate amount is harmless to the human body. However, excessive inhalation will do harm to the human body.  
2. UV germicidal lamps best ambient temperature is about 25℃, and the intensity of ultraviolet radiation is the largest and stable, Lightbest factory produce uvc lamps in over wide temperature from 4 to 60℃。
3. Please clean the lamp regularly, the dust and oil on the surface of tube will hinder the penetration of ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet lamps tube surface should be wiped every two weeks with alcohol cotton to keep lamps clean and transparent to avoid affecting radiating intensity of the ultraviolet light. 
4. When we disinfect indoor air with uvc lamps, we should keep the room clean and dry, dust and water mist should be reduced to keep uv lamps works effectively. The irradiation time should be prolonged when ambient temperature <20℃ or >40℃ and relative humidity is more than 60%.
5. If the operator must be close to the lamps, please wear UV protective mask.
The health of our family can not be ignored, the choice of ultraviolet disinfection products is also a healthy choice, if you have any questions, welcome to ask us.


Post time: Dec-14-2021