LIGHTBEST UL electronic ballast

What is UL?

UL (Underwriter Laboratories Inc.)-The UL Safety Laboratory is the most authoritative in the United States and the largest private institution engaged in safety testing and identification in the world. UL is mainly engaged in product safety certification and operating safety certification business. Its ultimate goal is to obtain products with a relatively safe level for the market, and to contribute to the assurance of personal health and property safety. In terms of product safety certification as an effective means to eliminate technical barriers to international trade, UL also plays an active role in promoting the development of international trade.

Why do we need UL certification?

1. The entire American market attaches great importance to product safety; consumers and purchasers will choose products with UL certification marks when purchasing products.

2. UL has a history of more than 100 years. The image of safety is deeply rooted in consumers and the government. If you do not sell products directly to consumers, middlemen will also require products to have UL certification marks to make the products popular.

3. American consumers and purchasing units have more confidence in the company's products.

4. The federal, state, county, and municipal governments in the United States have a total of more than 40,000 administrative districts, all of which recognize the UL certification mark.

LIGHTBEST UL electronic ballast

At present, many electronic ballasts for uv lamps on the market refer to UL certification standards, and most of them cannot pass the test specifications, and the safety hazard in actual use is extremely high. Some of these products also have problems such as poor ballast compatibility, output stroboscopic, serious insufficient lamp power, power factor and so on.

A regular 18W UVC germicidal lamp, when connected to some ballasts, the output power of the lamp is less than 8W, which greatly limits the actual use range of the product.

In response to these problems, LIGHTBEST has recently launched a series of electronic ballasts that fully meet UL certification standards. It is one of the few products on the market that can meet UL certification. Compatible with 120V AC voltage input in North America, the power conversion efficiency is as high as 90%.

The North American market is different from the domestic market, its regulations are very sound, and the market is also very standardized. The market demand for ultraviolet germicidal lamps has become increasingly tight. In the homogeneous market competition, how to seize the opportunity and develop lamp products that meet UL requirements and customer needs is a problem that every UV lamp company needs to seriously consider.

LIGHTBEST is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production, sales and technical services of ultraviolet germicidal lamps and supporting electronic ballasts. The company's products are fully oriented to the North American lighting market, and the electronic ballasts have passed the most stringent safety regulations, electromagnetic compatibility and energy efficiency certification requirements in North America such as UL and FCC.

LIGHTBEST is one of the few professional manufacturers in the market, which can provide a complete range of ultraviolet germicidal lamps and driving power solutions. If you want to consult or purchase products, please visit the official website: https://www.bestuvlamp.com/;https://www.light-best.com/.


Post time: Apr-19-2022