Our company has obtained the university production, education and research base

In recent years, with the continuous attention and investment of enterprises and universities in science and technology and talents, enterprises play an increasingly important leading role in the industry-university-research cooperation model between technology demanders and scientific research institutes or colleges and universities as technology suppliers, essentially promoting various production factors required for technological innovation.

With the extension of the functions of colleges and universities from talent cultivation, scientific research to social services, the trend of higher education, science and technology, and economic integration is getting stronger and stronger. Especially in the knowledge economy society, universities will be pushed to the center of social development and become an important driving force for socio-economic development. The third scientific and technological revolution marked by information technology has played a role in promoting industry-university-research cooperation, among which, Stanford University’s active support for teachers and students to start businesses and establish cooperation between academia and industry has created the economic miracle of “Silicon Valley”, making industry-university-research cooperation become the strongest driving force for promoting economic and entire social development in today’s world with rapid development of high and new technology.

According to the selection criteria of Changzhou Institute of Technology in Jiangsu Province, we warmly congratulate our company on winning the honorary qualification of Changzhou Institute of Technology Industry-University-Research Cooperation Base. We look forward to cooperating with universities to create a “Silicon Valley” economic miracle that belongs to our ultraviolet sterilization and disinfection industry.

Our company has obtained the university production, education and research base

Post time: Nov-23-2022