Our company Leo Liu was hired as a corporate mentor by Changzhou Institute of Technology

With the advancement and development of science and technology, universities and colleges pay more and more attention to the model of “school-enterprise collaborative education”, invite enterprise tutors into the classroom, promote school teaching to closely match the actual production of enterprises, integrate the “new knowledge, new technology, new needs, and new situations” of enterprises into classroom teaching, continuously improve the quality of classroom teaching, and strive to cultivate more high-quality application-oriented talents that meet the needs of enterprises, which has become a trend and trend.

Our engineer Leo Liu, who has been working intensively in the ultraviolet optoelectronic industry for 16 years, has solid theoretical knowledge of optoelectronics and practical production technology, and produces high-quality ultraviolet sterilization lamp series products. This series of products meets the latest dynamic needs of the market and is well received by new and old customers.

Thanks to the appreciation of our engineer Liu Yingquan, the undergraduate college of Changzhou Institute of Technology, the College of Art and Design, he was hired as a corporate mentor of Changzhou Institute of Technology for 3 years. We hope to combine the talent resources of colleges and universities with the strength of our enterprises, cultivate more practical compound technical talents for the future of the motherland, and contribute a small force to the science and technology strong enterprise and science and technology power!

 Our company Leo Liu was hired as a corporate mentor by Changzhou Institute of Technology


Post time: Jan-12-2023