Personal epidemic prevention booklet

1. What should I do if I am positive for nucleic acid?

First of all, do not panic, wear a mask, keep a certain distance from others, keep communication open, self-isolate, review the recent activity trajectory, inform people who have been in close contact with you recently, and do a good job of self-health monitoring.

2.What should I do if I am antigen positive?

First of all, multiple antigen tests are performed, if it has been two bars, it indicates positive, but asymptomatic, it needs to be reported as soon as possible and wait for the confirmation of nucleic acid testing. If the retest is negative, you may have encountered a "false positive".

3. What should I do if my neighbors, relatives and colleagues are positive?

Conduct multiple antigen tests or nucleic acid tests, disinfect the home and office environment, keep a distance from other people, and inform the community.

4. How to prevent family members from being infected for people in home isolation?

Do a good job of nucleic acid testing, antigen testing, health monitoring, do not go out, choose a relatively independent and well-ventilated room, do a good job of home disinfection, keep a distance from your family, wear masks, gloves, etc.

5. How to scientifically disinfect the home?

(1) The indoor air should be naturally ventilated for 30 minutes each time. It is also possible to disinfect the room by ultraviolet sterilization lamp irradiation, and it is recommended to disinfect 1-2 times a day for 30 minutes each time.

(2) The surface of general objects should be wiped and cleaned with liquid disinfectant, such as doorknobs, bedside tables, light switches, etc.

(3) Wipe the ground with a liquid disinfectant.

(4) Families with conditions can use ultraviolet air purifiers or movable ultraviolet disinfection vehicles for irradiation sterilization and disinfection.

6. What medicines should families always have?

Chinese proprietary medicines: Lotus Qingwen Capsules, Lotus Qingwen Granules, Qinggan Granules, Huoxiang Zhengqi Capsules, Xiaochai Hutang Granules, etc. (be careful not to superimpose the medicine to prevent the risk of drug overdose)

Antipyretic: ibuprofen, etc

Cough suppressant: compound licorice tablets, etc

Sore throat relievers: Chinese vegetarian tablets, watermelon cream lozenges, etc

Anti-nasal congestion drugs: chlorpheniramine, budesonide, etc

Drinking plenty of hot water and resting more can also help relieve symptoms!

7. What is the difference between injectable and inhaled vaccination of the new crown?

Inhaled new crown vaccine is the use of nebulizer to atomize the vaccine into tiny particles, through inhalation through oral breathing to the lungs, stimulate mucosa, body fluids, cell triple immunity, the dose is one-fifth of the injection version, the current 18 years old and above and complete the basic immunization for 6 months, can be vaccinated inhalation, convenient, fast, painless, a little sweet.

8. How to properly disinfect takeaway and group purchased food?

Generally, the outer packaging of purchased food is disinfected, and it is not recommended to use chemical disinfectants to prevent accidental ingestion and bring food safety hazards, and the outer packaging of food can be physically irradiated and sterilized with ultraviolet germicidal lamps.


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