Surprised: The NEMT is related to water treatment

Today is June 7, 2022, the first day of the college entrance examination for Chinese senior high students. The Chinese composition questions in the morning have been freshly released. Let’s take a look!

The 2022 NEMT composition questions are summarized as follows:

The composition questions of 2022 college entrance examination are summarized as follows

National volume A

Read the following materials and write as required. (60 points)

In a dream of Red Mansions, it was written that “the Grand View Garden was right in the examination”. After the Grand View Garden built for the provincial mother of Princess yuan (Jia Yuanchun) was completed, people inscribed the plaque of the pavilion on the bridge in the garden. Some people suggest that the word “Yiran” should be taken from the sentence “Yiran” in Ouyangxiu’s tiweng Pavilion; Jia Zheng believed that “this pavilion is made by pressing water”, and the title “it must also be partial to water”, advocated that a word “Xie” should be picked out from “Xie is between the two peaks”, and some people immediately agreed with the title “Xie Yu”; Jia Baoyu thought it more elegant to use “Qinfang”, and Jia Zheng nodded his acquiescence. The word “Qinfang” points out the beautiful scene of flowers and trees reflecting the water, which is unconventional; It is also in line with the matter of imperial concubine yuan’s family visit. It is implicit and thoughtful.

In the above materials, people have inscribed the plaque, or directly transferred it, or used it for reference, or created it according to the situation, which has produced different artistic effects. This phenomenon can also enlighten people in a broader field and trigger in-depth thinking. Please write an article based on your own study and life experience.

Requirements: select the right angle, determine the intention, clarify the style, and draw up the title by yourself; Do not pretend, do not copy; Do not disclose personal information; No less than 800 words.

questions in the morning


National volume B

questihe morning

The city of two Olympics shines in the world. The two Olympic Games have shown a new height of China’s sports development, demonstrated the leap-forward development of China’s comprehensive national strength, and witnessed your leap from an ignorant child to a promising youth. By experiencing it, you can feel the glory of sports and the strength of the country; moving forward in the future, you will be integrated into the surging spring tide of national rejuvenation. Excellence never ends, leaps never stop.

Please combine the above materials and write an article on the theme of “crossing, and then crossing” to reflect your feelings and thinking.

Requirements: choose the right angle, determine the concept, clarify the style, and prepare the title; do not copy, do not plagiarize; do not disclose personal information; not less than 800 words.

    In the 2008 Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games, the utilization rate of wastewater treatment in the venues was as high as 100%. Just like the majority of our students, in the field of water treatment, we have been sharpening our swords for ten years, striving for perfection, and constantly pursuing scientific and technological development. Here, we would like to wish the college entrance examination of the students in this article: a successful victory and a title on the gold list!

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