The Chinese national standard “Ultraviolet radiation sources for sterilization – Part 2″ is about to be implemented


Changzhou Lightbest  participate in drawing up National Standard

<Ultraviolet Radiation Sources For Sterilization Part 2>


[National Standard] Being Approved

Since the outbreak of Coronavirus Disease 2019(COVID-19),disinfection industry is becoming increasingly important.

Recently, the national standard is approved,providing a cornerstone for industry development,making enterprise and product development more standardized.


Changzhou Lightbest  participate in drawing up National Standard

<Ultraviolet Radiation Sources For Sterilization Part 2>

Changzhou lightbest Co.,Ltd, as one of the drafting units of the National Standard, plays an active role during the process of drafting standards. Advice prefessional  knowledge and experience.

Changzhou lightbest shows its actual strength.


As a leading company in the industry, Changzhou Lightbest founded in 2014,focus on UV germicidal lamp、electronic ballasts  and related products.Our products are widely used in water sterilization and disinfection, air purification, UV photolysis,waste gas treatment, sewage treatment, disinfection equipment, intelligent health home appliances and other industries. Providing customers with one-stop solutions, products and services. As the industry-university-research cooperation base of Changzhou  Institute Of Technology, the factory has won a number of national patents ,participated in the preparation of national standards and group standrads related to UV sterilization lamp. Our products passed SGS、CE、and UL(E526029) certification.The products are widely exported to many countries and regions.Such as United States、Canada、Germany、UK、Japan、South Korea、Indonesia、Thailand、Vietnam and so on.

Changzhou Lightbest adhering on the principle of hard work、persistence、sharing、win-win together.Committed to provide perfect service. Determined to become a high-quality supplier in china and the globe.


Through the jiont efforts of Changzhou lightbest and other enterprises, standardization technology develop toward a better trend.With the implementation of the national standard ,the industry standards continue to improve,and will be more competitive in the international market and achieve further development.

Changzhou lightbest indoor air disinfection and purification solutions can be customized according to different places to kill viruses and bacteria in the air to remove PM2.5,formaldehyde,TVOV,and other pollutants effectively solve a variety of air pollution problem to prevent influenza virus infection.


Changzhou lightbest is professional in UV sterilization and disinfection industry

Lightbest UVC, only best for you.

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the industry-university-research cooperation base of Changzhou  Institute Of Technology

Enterprise Tutor ,School of Art and Design,Changzhou Institute Of Technology

Alibaba 2022 East China Region Winner of Digital Marketing Competition.

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