Walk into UV sterilizer

Walk into UV sterilizer

Does the decline in body water mean senescence? Is it that the higher the body's moisture content is, the younger it looks? How to make water a secret recipe for longevity? Next, we will reveal one by one for you.


Water is the main source of human body fluids, balance body temperature to ensure the normal operation of various basic and major functions. In fact, not only does the woman's body have a high proportion of water, but men also. In the human body, the proportion of water accounts for about 70%, the proportion of water in brain tissue is also 80%, and the water in the blood is as high as 90%, even in bones.
In general, the baby who is born at the full moon accounts for about 75% of water, about 65% after adulthood, and about 50% after 30 years old, with fewer elderly people. It can be seen that with the increase of age, the water ratio in our body is decreasing year by year. The higher the moisture content, the better the skin, and of course the younger it looks! So, are we drinking plenty of water every day and can delay aging?
We can't drink water every day, we can't drink too much water, we must know that water can be poisoned if we drink too much! Because moisture enters the body, it is mainly discharged by the kidneys. Drinking more rows and more, increasing the burden on the kidneys, can lead to obstacles in the body organs, and even serious death! An adult can drink about 1200 ml of water a day. Because the human body urinates about 1500 ml per day, the skin evaporates 500 ml, the lungs breathe 350 ml, and the feces discharge 150 ml. The total body drains about 2,500 ml per day, so normal people need to replenish 1200 ml of water per day.


Why is our UV sterilizer sterilization rate as high as 99.99%? Because our products have the following advantages:
1. Select LightBest brand UV-C low-pressure ultraviolet germicidal lamp with high efficiency, high strength and long service life. The lamp life is above 8000-16000 hours;
2. The quartz sleeve with high transmittance and high purity is selected, and the ultraviolet transmittance is above 91%;
3, the use of constant, high-intensity ultraviolet special electronic ballasts, can ensure the entire UV sterilizer system in normal operation under complex circumstances;
4. Select high-quality food grade stainless steel as the reactor (304 or 316), and carry out special polishing treatment on the inner and outer walls to reasonably improve the ultraviolet light reflectance and maximize the sterilization effect;
5, installation, operation, maintenance, easy to use, design and production of UV sterilizers for different needs of users, easy to transport, easy to install, easy to operate, no professional maintenance.
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