What is EPA certification

Companies that have foreign trade export business to the United States usually involve EPA certification.So in this article, let’s talk about what is EPA certification?

What is EPA certification?

What is EPA certification1

1.EPA is the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency).The English abbreviation of S Environmental Protection Agency).Its main task is to protect human health and the natural environment, and its headquarters is located in Huasheng.The EPA is directly led by the president. For more than 30 years since 1970, the EPA has been working hard to create a clean and healthy environment for the people of the United States.

EPA is not testing or certification, and most products do not require sample testing and factory inspection.It is the embodiment of the U.S. integrity registration system, and the registered factory and product information must be guaranteed by the local U.S. agent.

2.What are the product ranges involved in EPA certification?

a) Certain ultraviolet systems, such as ozone generators, disinfection lamps, water filters and air filters (except for filters containing substances), and ultrasonic equipment, are said to kill, inactivate, trap or inhibit the growth of fungi, bacteria or viruses in various places.;

b) Certain high-frequency sounders, cemented carbide cannons, metal foils and rotating devices that claim to repel birds;

c) Black light traps, fly traps, electronic and thermal screens, fly belts and fly papers that claim to kill or

trap certain insects;

d) Severe rat strikes, sound mosquito repellents, foils and rotating devices, claimed to repel certain mammals.

e) Products that claim to control pests through electromagnetic and/or electrical radiation (for example, hand-held bug slaps, electric flea combs);

f)Products that claim to control burrowing animals through underground explosions caused by products; and

g) Products that act on a class of pests in accordance with the principles indicated in the notice of the Federal Bulletin of 1976, but are said to be able to control different types of pests (for example, sticky traps for rodents (without attractants), birds with light or laser protectors, etc.).

3. How long is the validity period of EPA certification?

There is no clear validity period for EPA registration. The annual production report is submitted on time every year. The authorized U.S. agent has always been legal and valid, so the EPA registration has always been valid.

4. Whether it is possible to export goods to the United States without EPA certification

As the situation of the epidemic in foreign countries has become more and more tense, more and more disinfection and antibacterial appliances, sterilization equipment, and non-medical electrical products for insect repellent and mosquito control have been exported to North America.What followed was that, in accordance with the requirements of the U.S. Federal Pesticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA: Federal Insect, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act), sterilization, disinfection, deworming, and mosquito-killing electrical equipment are all within the scope of EPA control. Delai Testing Robin reminds manufacturers and sellers that they need to pay special attention to the specific control requirements of the EPA to avoid goods being refused entry when entering the U.S. Customs or being removed from the shelves during sales at Amazon’s U.S. site.

5. Does Changzhou Guangtai Electronics LIGHTBEST Company have EPA certification?

Yes, the certificate is as follows:

What is EPA certification2You can also check our certificate on the EPA’s official website.Customers who need to export to the United States can rest assured to cooperate with our company.Our company not only has the United States EPA certification, but also the European Union CE certification, the United Kingdom UKCA certification and ROHS certification, the United States FCC certification, France EPR certification and Germany EPR certification, some American standard ballasts have the United States UL certification,Certificate number: E526029.Our company has perennial experience in exporting to the markets of Europe, America and Southeast Asia, and the quality of our products has been unanimously loved and praised by overseas customers.Our company can assist customers in understanding the local market and customs clearance consultation.Welcome new and old customers to cooperate with our company to create a better future!

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