What is ULTRAVIOLET photocatalysis?

With the advancement of science and technology, economic rise, and people’s concept of health and environmental protection, more and more individuals and families begin to pay attention to indoor air quality and realize the importance of purifying the air. At present, the methods used in the field of air physical purification are: 1. Adsorption filter – activated carbon, 2. Mechanical filter – HEPA net, electrostatic purification, photocatalytic method and so on.

What is ULTRAVIOLET photocatalysis1

Photocatalysis, also known as UV photocatalysis or UV photolysis. Its working principle: When air passes through a photocatalytic air purification device, the photocatalyst itself does not change under the irradiation of light, but can promote the degradation of harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene in the air under the action of photocatalysis, generating non-toxic and harmless substances. Bacteria in the air are also removed by ultraviolet light, thus purifying the air.

What is ULTRAVIOLET photocatalysis2

The UV wavelengths that can undergo UV photocatalysis are generally 253.7nm and 185nm, and with the rapid development and progress of technology, there is an additional 222nm. The first two wavelengths are closest to 265nm (which is currently the wavelength with the strongest bactericidal effect on microorganisms detected in scientific experiments), so the bactericidal disinfection and purification effect is better. However, due to the fact that ultraviolet rays in this band cannot directly irradiate human skin or eyes, a 222nm ultraviolet purification lamp product has been developed to address this characteristic. The sterilization, disinfection and purification effect of 222nm is slightly inferior to that of 253.7nm and 185nm, but it can directly irradiate human skin or eyes.

What is ULTRAVIOLET photocatalysis3

At present, it is widely used in industrial fields, such as factory exhaust gas treatment, kitchen oil fume purification, purification workshops, some paint factories and other odorous gas treatment, purification in food and pharmaceutical factories, and spray curing. Ultraviolet lamps with wavelengths of 253.7nm and 185nm are widely used. For home use, ultraviolet air purifiers with wavelengths of 253.7nm and 185nm, or ultraviolet desk lamps can also be selected to achieve indoor air purification, sterilization, formaldehyde removal, mites, fungi removal, and other functions. If you want people and lights to be in the room at the same time, you can also choose a 222nm ultraviolet sterilization desk lamp. May every breath of air you and I breathe be high-quality air! Bacteria and viruses, go away! There is light in a healthy life

Post time: Nov-14-2023