UV Germicidal light with Magnet for Air Disinfection

UV Germicidal light with Magnet for Air Disinfection

Short Description:

18W AC110V/DC or AC 24V HVAC 14″

110~120V Ballast with regular U.S Plug, DC or AC 24V Ballasts

14″ 18W UV germicidal lamps or other spec. UV lamps

Magnetic bracket for easy installation

Stainless Steel Fixed screws


Easily to install and replace simply in Cooling Coil and Air Duct. CE Certificated & EPA Registered


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Function Introduction

14" Ultraviolet Cleaner is designed to destroy and prevent mold and other microbial growth (e.g. viruses_bacteria_germs, etc) on the evaporator coil and surrounding areas.

14" UVC Germicidal Coil Cleaner with the magnetic bracket for easy installation.

Improve energy efficiency 120v Electronic power supply Voltage Protection (IVP): protects the A/C system from electrical overload.

The UV bulb is germicidal UVC and put out 253.7NM Which means that they are 99% efficient on a single pass. Ozone free.

Two (2) year warranty on the ballast & bracket.

One(2) year warranty on the UVC light.

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