36W 222nm Far Excimer uvc Lamp

36W 222nm Far Excimer uvc Lamp

Short Description:

The use of quartz glass ultraviolet lamp tube, high transmittance, better sterilization effect.
Plug in and turn on, Wireless remote control.
Far UV @222nm disinfection,no harm to human body.

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36W 222nm Far Excimer uvc Lamp





Case Material

                    Aluminum Alloy                     

Glass type

Clear quartz glass tube

Light source type / Rays peak

 Far UV     @222nm


1800μ w/cm2 

Rated Average Life


Lamp wattage



Net Weight




Touch switch



Wireless remote control



Power supply

110V or 220V or 24V DC

Sterilized area

20-30  m2

Use and matters

1. The remote control version of the desk lamp will turn on when plugged in, and the remote control switch can be timed and movable.
2. The characteristic wavelength of ultraviolet rays is destroyed by irradiating the DNA and RNA of microorganisms, so that the bacteria lose their viability and reproductive power, thereby achieving disinfection and sterilization.
3. During the working hours of desk lamp sterilization and disinfection, people/animals etc. can be indoors.
4. Generally kill 2-4 times a week.


1.Can Far-UV affect the skin?
Filtered 222nm technology uses excimer lamps with specially designed short-pass filters to remove harmful UV wavelengths. Excimer lamp is an arc discharge light source with a special inert gas filled chamber, no mercury, no electrodes.
2.Can Far-UV affect the eye?
Another organ that is particularly sensitive to UV damage is the lens. However, the lens is located at the distal end of a sufficiently thick cornea. Therefore, it is expected that the permeability of light from far UVC 200 nm through the cornea to the lens is essentially zero.

Spectrum chart


Application areas

● School
● Hotel
● pharmaceutical industry
● Air disinfection in hospitals
● doctor's offices
● labs
● clean rooms
● offices with and without air conditioning
● highly frequented public facilities such as airports, cinemas,gyms etc.

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