UV Air Purifier Portable Disinfection Lamp

UV Air Purifier Portable Disinfection Lamp

Short Description:

Air usually contain a large amount of germs. Some are harmless, while others can cause a serious health risk for people.This UV air purifier emits UV-C (germicidal, 253.7 nm) to destroy chemical & biological contaminants.
It reduces or eliminates germs such as mold, viruses, bacteria, fungi and mold spores from the indoor air of homes, offices and commercial buildings that are endanger the health of people, ensuring a higher indoor air quality.


Product Detail

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Model Y150
Rated Voltage 220VAC
Clean Air Volume(CADR Particulates) 700 m³/h
Clean Air Volume(CADR Formaldehyde) 320m³/h
Maximum Applicable Area 12-50㎡
Input Power 78W
Noise(Sound power level 1m) 35-62 dB(A)
Dimension(Width*Depth*Height) 47*45*63cm
Weight About 13.5kg
UV Lamp Lifetime ≥8000h

Special Features

1. The appearance is simple and elegant, with a cool black and white style.
2. Touch screen operation and WIFI intelligent control
3. The wind comes in from the side and comes out from above
4. Primary filter and HEPA filter
5. The TVOC indicator shows the air quality directly and the PM2.5 index.
6. With function of Temperature and humidity
7. Three Models: Smart mode, night mode and child mode
Disinfection, hygiene and safety record approval


Working theory

The UV air purifier irradiates 253.7nm rays directly or through air circulation system to achieve the continuous disinfecting for the dynamic environment.
Especially the short-wave UV radiation has a strong bactericidal effect. It is absorbed by the DNA of the microorganisms and destroys their structure. In this way, the living cells are inactivated.
And the strong ultraviolet rays kill the virus,bacteria to stop their spread in The air.This can reduce the indoor air pollution,improve the air quality and prevent the pneumonia,the flu and other diseases of respiratory system.

Application areas

● School
● Hotel
● pharmaceutical industry
● Air disinfection in hospitals
● doctor's offices
● labs
● clean rooms
● offices with and without air conditioning
● highly frequented public facilities such as airports, cinemas,gyms etc.

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