Self-Ballast Germicidal Bulbs

Self-Ballast Germicidal Bulbs

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This self-ballast germicidal bulb can be operated under 110V/220V AC input power with a capacitor, or 12V DC with an inverter. Lightbest provide ozone-free and ozone generating types.


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Self-ballast Germicidal Bulbs

Model Number Lamp Dimensions(mm) Power Current Voltage UV Output at 30 cm Rated Life
Diameter Cap Base Length (W) (mA)  (V) (μw/cm²) (H)
GTL3W/L 17 E17 55 3 330 10 120 3000
GTL3W/VH 17 E17 55 3 330 10 120 3000


1.Two styles: ozone generating 185nm+254nm and ozone free 254nm. Effectively kill bacteria.

2.No ballast is required.

3.Small size, energy saving and low consumption.

4.The use of quartz glass has high ultraviolet light transmittance and long life.

5.Screw design. Ordinary screw lamp holder size, high versatility.

6.This product cannot be used alone, it must be matched with a dedicated power supply voltage. Provide matching capacitors and lamp holders.

Application areas


●Disinfection cabinet

●Microwave oven

●Drying rack

●Mobile phone disinfection box

●Air purifier

●Vacuum cleaner


●Toilet disinfection

●Toothbrush sterilizer

●Shoes disinfection box.


1.Long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause burns to human eyes and skin. Confirm that there are no living bodies in the space before use.

2.After the light is on, please leave the irradiated area. Conventional irradiation sterilization is effective for direct irradiation.

3.It is recommended that each sterilization time be more than 15 minutes, and the same space, the irradiation position is recommended to move more for better results.

4.Please ventilate the space after sterilization to dissipate the odor generated after sterilization.

5.Before applying it several times in the later period, wipe the tube with an eye cloth or a special cloth for cleaning the computer screen.

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